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Tea Party With Guns Held in Hudson

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Openly carrying a firearm is legal in Wisconsin, in fact the only legal way to have a firearm there is to openly display it, but it is rare to see so many people doing so at once. Video at site.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Anybody who doesn't like to see the guns being carried openly, is like an ostrich with its head in the hole.

The law should read that everybody on public property/land be required to carry, and carry openly. Why? Because it's so easy to carry concealed. If somebody is carrying concealed, how would you know it? That's the meaning of "concealed." It means that you don't know it. And if the ostrich has its head in the sand, it doesn't know what is going on around it either.

Open carry levels the field to a great extent. Open carry lets you respect others and be respected yourself. And then you have the means to protect yourself, because the police generally don't get there on time to do anything except clean up the mess.

NO-CARRY GUN laws, only protect the concealed carriers from being stopped by the chicken s**ts who think that people obey the law.


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