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Climate Change, Socialized Medicine and Population Control

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The quote above is from the book Ecoscience published in 1977. In this book is detailed a plan for a "planetary regime" that would regulate the global population. According to the authors, this regime would be empowered to create specific "compulsory population-control laws" in order to accomplish this aim. 

What specific population-control laws did they have in mind? For starters, the authors propose that this regime should have the power to: 

1. Compel inferior mothers to either give up their children or have abortions.
2. Sterilize the population through putting "sterilants" into their water and food supply.
According the authors of Ecoscience this would be okay as long as "pets" or "livestock" are not harmed.
3. Forcibly implant a long-term sterilizing capsule which would only be removed with "official permission." 

It is clear that the above methods will be successful at curtailing the population if implemented. There is just one problem: How will they convince the people to go along with the program? Their solution is to demonize people that have too many children as having irresponsible "resource-consumption patterns." They, therefore, need to be compelled to behave more responsibly in order to save the planet and to spread the earth’s finite resources more equitably. An additional rationale is that since government already regulates marriage, why not family size? 

Despite these rationales for population control, it is clear that many people are not likely to be convinced. Therefore, how will such unpopular measures be enforced? In the end, the only way the authors foresee fulfilling their dream will be through the creation of a "planetary regime" and international "police force." 

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