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Fiat Money: The Fuel of Government

• National Policy Institute HT Liberty Pulse

How many politicians are capable of writing a book, nay, a paragraph that would be worth reading? Watching them on TV, they seem the most spineless, uninteresting group of people imaginable. It seems obvious why. In the same way diversity leads to a culture that appeals to the lowest common denominator, a popularity contest involving the general population favors the smallest men imaginable.

An exception is Ron Paul, a man who lives a life of ideas and action, as the Founding Fathers did. The congressman has spent a lifetime as a champion of liberty and his greatest enemy is the Federal Reserve. Fresh off his 2008 presidential campaign he wrote End the Fed.

Our Government the Thief

According to Paul, the best case against the Fed is simply that it’s immoral. When government prints a new dollar, the value of each one in circulation goes down. The government shouldn’t be allowed to print money for the same reason you or I aren’t allowed to counterfeit.

If that’s not enough for you, there is the constitutional argument. The Tenth Amendment to the Unites States Constitution says that whatever powers not explicitly granted to the Federal Government are left to the people or the states. There is nothing

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