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Comment by Found Zero
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Dang Powell, when the R3VOlUTION did it we DID embrace the humor. "Teabag The White House!" Funny as hell and we knew it.

I've started to use the term "New R3VOlUTION" to juxtopose "Old Guard". The Old Guard just doesn't get it.

Yeah that's right Old Guard, keep sending emails to our black Muslim R3VOlUTIONARIES asking them how concerned they are about the disappearence of white, Christian America. Way to go boys.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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You tea partier types should have embraced the term "teabagger."  Sure they meant it to poke fun of you.  Sure they meant it because they figured you were too stupid to realize it was a homosexual term that they were trying to label you with.  But by claiming it as your own the fun for them would soon have changed to fury over your embrace.

Q: What are your too stupid to realize we are insulting you?!!!!

A: Thanks for the catchy label. 

Comment by Found Zero
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I'm guilty of same. My distinction is that the original Tea Party in colonial times, being sincere and authentic as the Boston Tea Party and subsequent R3VOlUTIONARY events are the real deal. The astroturf Glenn Beck affairs are the teabaggers.

And when Rachel Maddow went after them for same I laughed my ass off.

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