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Taxpayers now bailing out bus industry

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National Journal reports the Transportation Department's Transit Investments for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction (TIGGER) program has spent nearly half its $100-million grant budget to replace diesel buses with hybrid-electric and fully electric models.
The "TIGGER" grants are part of President Obama's $787 billion stimulus program and are designed to serve two purposes: stimulate the economy and clean the environment.
Proponents of the "cash for buses" program say it will create jobs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but Nick Loris, a researcher in energy and environment issues at The Heritage Foundation, says that is not accurate.
Nick Loris (Heritage)"What they're saying is that [these buses] have better fuel economy and there's less maintenance, and that may be the case. These buses may be better -- but if that's the case, they shouldn't need taxpayer dollars to help these companies fund them," Loris continues. "Bus companies can make those decisions on their own if these buses are economically competitive with diesel buses."
A transit operator with Connecticut's Bureau of Public Transportation says his agency would not have invested in the hybrid buses if the federal money was not available.  He notes the hybrids are "not dollar-for-dollar cost-effective in hard cash."



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Comment by Ed Price
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Seems to me that one of the biggest reasons for all the financial turmoil and the bailouts is to keep the income taxing system from collapsing, because, as it is being used now, it is partially illegal.

More and more people are finding out everyday, that the word "income" in income tax law, refers only to money earned by government workers. The meaning of the word "income" for those of us who do NOT work for Government, has an entirely different meaning... one that does not include IRS taxation.

One of the major things that Government and the FED are trying to do with financial collapse, is to bring about the need for bailouts. What a bailout amounts to is Government taking ownership of the company that has been bailed out by Government. Once Government takes ownership, all the employees are then working for Government, and the IRS "income" meaning begins to apply to them, whereas it didn't apply before.

Of course, this is all being done in a hush hush way, the same way that Government does a lot of the things that it does.

Check out YouTube:

Income Tax Scheme Explained Pt. 1

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Pete Hendrickson Interview

and .

Comment by Jim Bennett
Entered on:

 borrow and spend, roll over national debt, borrow more money to pay interest borow and spend your way America into deep socialism.  WAKE UP AMERICA I MAY ALEADY BE TOO LATE!!!!

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