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“Sad Day for Democracy”

But not everyone saw cause for celebration.

“For those of us who believe in democracy, it is galling to hear officials in Brussels congratulate the Irish people for speaking with a ‘clear voice’ on the Lisbon Treaty,” declared Brendan O'Neill, editor of Spiked-Online. “The Irish people have spoken, yes, but in the voice of someone put into a headlock by far more powerful forces.”

And Lorraine Mullally, director of the London-based think tankopen Europe, which strongly opposes the political consolidation of Europe, called it a “sad day for democracy in Europe.”

“The Lisbon Treaty transfers huge new powers to the EU and away from ordinary people and national parliaments,” Mullally said. “EU elites will be popping the champagne and slapping each other on the back for managing to bully Ireland in to reversing its first verdict on this undemocratic Treaty. But most ordinary people around Europe will not welcome this news, as they were never given a chance to have their say on the Treaty.”

Mullally and O’Neill were speaking particularly of the intense pressure placed on Ireland’s voters “to get it right this time.”

On the “Yes” side was the entire power elite of Ireland and the EU -- virtually all g

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