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Give a Little, Take a Little

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Possible moves include extending federal unemployment benefits, food stamp programs, COBRA health insurance and a first-time home buyer tax credit. But the real balancing act, reportsThe New York Times, is figuring out how to cut trillions from future federal budget deficits while pumping billions more into the economy to stimulate jobs. Dust off the old calculus textbook—this could get tricky.

Also on Wednesday, the White House unveiled plans (PDF) to refocus spending from major financial institutions to small businesses. (Insert your own “Wall Street-Main Street” line here.) But in Michigan, small businesses aren’t buying it, reports the Detroit Free Press. Many small banks have forgone bailout money because of its costs, restrictions and negative public perception.

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Comment by William Klepzig
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 Before more jobs, you have to understand that most countries around the world do not want Americans making the articles that Americans use, it would harm their closed to trade economies.  Also  most countries, including those we are fighting do not want any part of a peace where the American military and this investment leaves.

American jobs are created two ways.  The Feds want you to believe it is from them.  It can be but what has to happen is fifty billion, a billion to each state for 80% new manufacturing plants and 20% to help out existing jobs.  Each and every job that is made has to be given top wages in the area and full benifits.  This means that every article that matches it from across the world has to sell for the same price.  Then you can choose, American or other.

Next, one third to one half of all wages are going to home ownership.  Eighty percent of that loan is interest on over priced property.  If interest rates were cut by half and the value of the property were to be reduced by one third across the nation and one half in the hardest hit areas it would free up billions monthly or real income.

Now, you and Washington have a real plan to jump start this nation.



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