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George Carlin ~ The American Dream

• You Tube/Zero Hedge
Show of hands- who do you think, besides banks- can help the little man? The American Dream? Who? What? Because I didn’t hear any real answers. Just more stories to meet a political agenda.
Remarks include.
The idea is simple. Let the working man work and consume to death so that blood sucking bastards at GS etc run the dark pools to take the market to strtoshperic heights. You see, the bonuses flows as long as there is volatility. If these guys are very very long then Obama has to tell the folks to start consuming now so that the future economic numbers are presentable. It is a question of suvival for the prop desks. They can not hold it up any longer without the ultimate idiots( the common man investor) jumping into the market now.
LOL  Do any of these speeches have anything whatsoever to do with reality? 
Better yet, does anybody in government have anything to do with reality?  They don't read and hear the people...If you don't agree with them, they put you on enemy list! 

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