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Greyhound bus passengers get screened, pat down in special TSA operation

• Orlando Sentinal

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Comment by Justin Tyme
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Ron Paul did not vote for the final passage of the bill.  See:-307

He did, however, vote for Amendment 10 and Amendment 2 of the bill.

Amendment 10 would prevent the TSA from using Whole-Body-Imaging as their primary screening device and provide for a pat down in lieu.

Amendment 2 alters the standard for when TSA can issue an emergency regulation or security device without adhering to the rulemaking and public notice and comment provisions of the Administrative Procedures Act (APA).

Just sayin' ;-)

Comment by Mrs. B
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Nobody's mentioned HR 2200 which passed the house and which Ron Paul voted for. The bill creates a TSA bureaucracy for every single form of public transportation-- bus lines, trains, subways, everything.  It creates the funding and the staffing and gives it the same authority for ID checks, searches of luggage and persons, questioning, etc. as the TSA in airports.  The language includes references to the 'terrorist bombings around the world since 9/11' which we all know are CIA / FBI  perpetrated. They were done worldwide by the PTB  FOR THIS VERY REASON -- to institute fear-based big-brother laws

It's now in the Senate.  Once it's passed, there will be no way to travel without government-issued ID. Greyhound was the last vestige of American free travel, open to all with a simple cheap ticket. In the days after 9/11, it's what kept people moving when air traffic was grounded.  I was out there in a Greyhound bus 2 days after 9/11 traveling to and from Dallas -- I'll never forget the crazy scenes of overcrowded bus stations, lack of drivers & toilet paper in the restrooms, pay phones in use constantly, no food in the vending machines, packed buses requiring 4 or 5 to a route because of heavy demand. One driver had just been called in from another state and had no idea how to get from the terminal to the interstate and went the wrong direction! Never saw any news stories about it but it had to be the biggest one-week surge in bus traffic in US history.

Good-bye freedom. Good-bye reliable old Greyhound and all it stood for.  This is a sad day for low income people. Now they'll be subjected to the same atrocities as those who can afford plane fares. 

Comment by Anonymous
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You sheep deserve the tyranny you get. 

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