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Albedo Yachts

• arclein
Enter "marine cloud brightening," a geoengineering scheme that would increase cloud reflectivity over the ocean by spraying them with an ultrafine saltwater mist from ships. The clouds, containing more particles, would cast enough sunlight back into space to at least partially offset the warming effects of all that CO2 from burning fossil fuels.

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Comment by Ed Price
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It's one thing to try to manipulate the economy and receive the economic backlashes. People can live with these backlashes.

It's entirely different manipulating a little part of nature with the idea of smoothing a current natural weather change. If you push nature against its nature, when it pushes back, the back-push will be harsher than what would have happened if you had left it alone to go its natural way.

Many prominent scientific investigators have shown that the earth is cooling off to the tune of 1 or 2 degrees a year, in recent years - contrary to all this global warming BS.

So, are we trying to speed up the coming of the next ice age for a few benefits right now? Seems like the thing that the politicians and empire builders are trying to do with regard to the economy and peoples' lives. Benefits now, and who cares what happens later.


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