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A Natural 1-2 Punch against Cold and Flu Season

Here is a way to naturally combat the cold a flu season. We've used both for the last couple of years.

Larix occidentalis ( AKA Western Larch, Arabinogalactan)  boosts the immune system and has anti viral properties to kill the cold and flu if you do get it. It is also a great probiotic and fiber source, so take with plenty of water.  Remember that great immune health starts with a great gut. In  tablet form as Larix and powder under Galactan.

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I've used Lomatium for the past few years with my husband who's cough always developed into bronchitis, sometimes pneumonia. Great as a seasonal prophylactic or to stop a cough in it's tracks without drugs. I just recently discovered that this herbal remedy was used by the Washoe Indians in Nevada during the flu epidemic of 1918.  The tribe that used it had no flu related casualties.

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Lomatium also has 

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