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'Tea Party: The Documentary Film'

Or, 'The Tea Baggers: Not Just for Satire Anymore!'...

Some things simply defy satire.

The following teaser is for what appears to be an actual, "serious" feature-length film called Tea Party: The Documentary Film. We were pointed to it yesterday by several folks after we released our own short documentary, Tea Party Express II: Rise of the Tea Bags, which we filmed on Sunday and posted here yesterday.

As you'll see below, even The Daily Show would be hard-pressed to satirize this self-satirizing teaser. And yes, this things seems to be for real and set for a DVD release on Thanksgiving. No, it's not a joke. It just looks and sounds a whole lot like one...

(On second thought...For the truly adventurous out there, maybe it can be satirized. It might be fun to take their voice-over track, and mash it up with our video somehow. But I should probably leave that to someone else, and otherwise get back to real work, right?! :-) )


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