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Energy Sun-Bag Makes Your Solar Power As Obvious As Possible


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There's often something left to be desired when it comes to the styles of solar bags. Many are simply ugly, though quite a few also make it into the realm of hip. This bag falls somewhere in between, bordering on ugly if it didn't do such a great job of stating the obvious via a massive solar cell on the front flap - "This Bag Is Solar Powered!!" It's the Energy Sun-Bag from Neuber and Konarka Technologies.

Konarka Power Plastic solar panels have been wedded with Neuber's Energy Sun-Bags, the "lightest solar energy bag available on the market." That's worth quoting because some solar powered bags can be down right heavy with the wires, battery packs and so forth, especially one this size. But the Sun-Bag weighs just 500 grams in total.

It looks like it has a 1.4 Watt solar panel, and can charge small hand-haled devices of 5 volts, such as cell phones, MP3 players and cameras.

A very cool trick is that it comes in a whopping 37 colors with optional custom printing. Talk about options. It is priced at around $150 USD, but not available from US retailers just yet.

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