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News Link • World News Today Nov. 2nd 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009
Government Will Default on Its Debts
Gary North on how and when.
Understanding Ayn Randianism
Murray Rothbard on the sociology of her cult.
The Dollar Meltdown
Doug French on the new classic by Charles Goyette.
John McDougall, MD, on the most successful of American medical enterprises.
Ron Paul's Audit the Fed Bill Is Gutted
Will all those co-sponsors have the courage to support Ron's amendment? Come on, creeps, surprise us.
That Climate Change Treaty
Is it a precursor of world government? Article by Chuck Baldwin.
The Lawless State
Karl Hess on the nature of government.
Gold and Freedom
They're inseparable. Article by Jacob Hornberger.
Looting for Clunkers
What autofascism actually cost you.
The World Geography Quiz
Test yourself with these 10 questions.
They Don't Want Swine Flu Injections Either
Members of the criminal Congress.


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