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Angry Bikers to Converge on Kingman

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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

They will protest businesses with ‘no colors’ policy

KINGMAN - More than 1,500 motorcyclists from around Arizona are expected to roll into Kingman this weekend.

The riders will be in town for the bimonthly meeting of the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ACMC). The riders also plan on stopping by several bars that have recently instituted a "no colors" policy.

The riders will be equipped with forms that will allow them to document any incidents in which they are turned away because of what they are wearing, said ACMC Chairman Still Ray of Prescott. 

Ray said members of the Arizona State Gang Task Force have been threatening to pull liquor licenses from bars and restaurants unless they institute a "no colors" policy.

"The problem is that the gang task force is using the state liquor board as a weapon and that's not right," Ray said.

Ray added that the riders aren't out to cause a riot but rather exercise their right to lawful assembly.

Bars and restaurants on the planned protest route include Mad Dog's, Chuy's, Cerbat Lanes and the Sportsman's bar. When contacted, some said they were aware of Saturday's activities.

Deborah Barry, owner of Mad Dog's, said she instituted a "no colors" policy more than a month ago because of the surveillance being conducted by police in her parking lot. Because the bikers were being watched and photographed, they were less likely to drink, which led to a drop in revenue, and ultimately, the ban on colors, she said.

Barry said she was never threatened to have her liquor license revoked if she didn't ban colors.

"Colors" are considered any patch or insignia on a vest that would identify an affiliation with a particular motorcycle club.

Ray said that riders are being tagged as criminals or gang members because of their association with motorcycles.

"It's a way of life," he said. "I resent it when I am considered a criminal because I'm in a motorcycle club."

Ray said up to 2,000 riders could roll into Kingman by Saturday. He said he was aware of a couple of groups of more than 400 riders coming from Phoenix.

Ray said the riders have been invited to take part in the Veteran's Day parade in North Kingman Saturday morning. The parade will begin at 11 a.m. at the corner of North Bond Street and Northern Avenue.

The ACMC meeting will be held at the American Legion Post on Oak Street at noon.


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Comment by Rastus Jr
Entered on:


If I have gas and brake in one hand, and clutch in the other, just how am I gonig to eat one of your woderful dogs on the fly?

But seriously, get your permit, set up your rig, prop up a sign that you are selling "color dogs" and that you are supporting the ACMC. You'll get back home with an empty cart & a full wallet.

The individualism that a bike provides is ironicly superceeded by the solidarity of the biker lifestyle. Once you're in the medicine wind, you'll know what I mean. Go sell some dogs.

Comment by Found Zero
Entered on:

This is just typical of the style-exclusive barriers that are dividing our nation. I think this event should be open to unicyclists, ostrich riders and camel-jockeys. It's just another example of what's ruining America.

On the other hand, if anybody wants me to set up my hot dog stand at this event please get in touch with Morpheus at the Freedoms Phoenix sales dept. Not only do I serve a great product and kick back a percentage to the sponsoring organization, the Sonoran Style hot dogs I serve are like heaven in a bun and you can actually eat them while riding provided you don't wear a full-face helmet.

Want to see a bunch of angry, hairy Harley guys converge on Kingman and suddenly become serenely happy and satisfied? I don't know if it's good for activism but pacified bikers mean peace.

Saving the world one chili dog at a time.

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