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British deaths raise questions about Afghan police

• AP
 The killing of five British troops by a rogue Afghan policeman underlines concerns about training and discipline within the ranks and possible insurgent infiltration of a police force that the U.S. hopes will be its ticket outof Afghanistan someday.

The attack caused anguish in Britain, where public support for the war has been waning. Britain is the largest contributor to NATO forces in Afghanistan after the United States, and its continued presence here is central to President Barack Obama's strategy as he weighs dispatching tens of thousands more U.S. troops.

The five British soldiers, who had been advising Afghan policemen, were shot and killed Tuesday at a checkpoint where they were living in the volatile southern province of Helmand. Another six soldiers were wounded, as were two Afghan policemen when the soldiers returned fire, officials said.

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Comment by Lola Flores
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 You mean to tell me that British troops have actually got killed in Afghanistan?  Wow!  Imagine that!  And I thought that the only ones getting killed there were people getting married, their relatives and guests.  I'll be damned!  Just for that, we'll have to invade them!


And just to teach them a lesson, we must install a gas pipeline all the way to the Caspian Sea.  That ought to teach them not to mess with the righteous and valiant forces that are bringing democracy to them...or is it saving their women?  Or is it liberating them from a tyrant?  Oh, well, I know it's something, for sure...

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