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Nandan Nilekani's ideas for India's future


Nandan Nilekani, the visionary co-founder of outsourcing pioneer Infosys, explains four brands of ideas that will determine whether India can continue its recent breakneck progress.

About Nandan Nilekani

Nandan Nilekani is the author of "Imagining India," a radical re-thinking of one of the world’s great economies. The co-founder of Infosys, he helped move India into the age of IT. Full bio and more links


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Comment by William Klepzig
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 For a country to grow, they have to bring in money from outside that nation, other countries wealth.  Just buying/selling to each other does not expand you GNP.  This simple fact has been lost to Americans.

For a country to grow they have to produce either cheaper items for sale or the very best.  American government along with business decided the best way to make sure Americans had to buy cheaper was to remove the competition, jobs and benifits from Americans.

For a country to grow they need leadership........What we have in Washington are a mass of men and women bowing to the god of bankers, not leaders but people who have sold their bodies and souls for call them what you want.

I can turn this country around in three years.  I can make America the very best in every thing produced and give you jobs with income so you can buy American.

I can do this..if you can find any congressman that says this please let me know.

The best cars, cars the rest of the world wants.  Cutting oil to the point we do not even buy from Canada.  Cutting natural gas by half and putting hundreds into you pocket every month (that means billions for buying and investment).

We, Americans can turn this around.

Our Government can't.

Want a future?  You can have one.  It's not that hard.  Look at who you have elected and what they have done.  Give it some thought.



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