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Hillary Clinton Accepts Blame for ‘Global Warming,' Ponders Climate Change and Family Panning

she noted that “’s rather odd to talk about climate change...without talking about population and family planning.”

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Comment by Judy Staab
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Come on Hillary, tell the truth! Apologize for compliance in polluting the earth via chemical trails (chemtrails designed to absorb moisture thereby causing drought) , HAARP (weather manipulation touted by Pentagon) to convince the masses we need this "Climate Change" bill to fix it! Instead, after passed, people will realize Gore will make billions and you and your scamming pals more money than anyone can imagine! And then there's Monsanto! Where you've apologized and where hundreds of farmers have died because of Monsanto's genetically-engineered crops and devastating environmental havoc it's caused. Hundreds of animals, grazing on these same farmed lands full of Monsanto's polluted biological toxic organisms, have also died! So blame yourself Hil and your immoral, unethical pals who've allowed this destructive and tragic money-making scam against humanity continue!