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The Mark of a Christian

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My husband asked if I had been thinking about this for very long. I told him I've been thinking about it for YEARS and was inspired to write it because of recent events in the news.

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Comment by Curtis Scott
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The article said: " The only thing left for a person to do is to accept the forgiveness in his heart."

Lots of so-called "Christians" believe that. It's what I was brought-up to believe. It's also nowhere in the Scripture. Sure, if you look at verses like Jn 3:16, -it may seem to be there. Sure, -I'd welcome it. However, -CONTEXT MATTERS; --& if you get the Good Book in your head -you'll realize that the book of Acts is extremely important -as it contains the actual recorded messages & responses of the Apostles of Yeshua & those who "believed". And the faith-based act of receiving is more substantive than "accepting the Lord". And while the Gift is not earned, -the prescription is summarized by Acts 2:38 & locked in place for all for all-time by verse 39: "Then Peter was saying to them, "Repent, and let each of you* be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, to [or, for; or, because of] [the] forgiveness of sins, and you* will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
"For the promise is to you* and to your* children and to all the [ones] far off, as many as the Lord our God shall call to Himself." -v 39

Not only is the MODE different than most Christians believe, -the message is confirmed repeatedly across Jews, Samaritans & Gentiles via chapters 2, 8, 10-11 & special attention to those people who only know the baptism of John-the-Baptist (see chapters 18-19) to see for yourself people who are partially in the new covenant come fully into it (ahem).

And according to those texts & the experiences of millions of people: The Christian Decision is still quite supernatural in how it manifests itself -just as recorded in the texts.

The Scripture predicts that a day will come when Christianity will become corrupted: " ...having an outward form of godliness but having denied its power. " -2 Tim 3:5a

And I believe that this is precisely the warning about an extrapolated "gospel" that does not adhere to the model laid down by the Apostles, -nor exhibit the manifestations of Spirit Baptism.

And this widespread disobedience -more than anything else -explains why there is such disharmony in Christianity. For if salvation is a result in faith in the message; --Then the message probably aught to be the actual message that is so faithfully recorded in Acts ;--or the so-called "faith" is in vain!

Isiah the Prophet excaimed: "Lord! Who has believed the message?"





Comment by Ed Price
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The true mark of a real Christian is an internal one that expresses itself externally, though imperfectly.

A real Christian is one who accepts forgiveness, from Jesus, the Christ, for all the mistakes, evils, and wickednesses the Christian has done.

Jesus, in his lifetime on earth, was a perfect man. He was easily strong enough to have stopped his crucifixion. Yet he went through with it because, his Father, God Almighty, instructed him to do it. By his suffering and death, all the mistakes, evils, and wickednesses of people were paid for - made right - before God Almighty. The only thing left for a person to do is to accept the forgiveness in his heart. All who accept are the real Christians.

Being a Christian doesn't necessarily turn a person into some kind of righteously acting person in this life. In fact, it is often the greatest "sinners" who recognize their sins and realize that they need forgiveness. Just because they accept Christ's forgiveness doesn't mean that their lives are going to miraculously change in every way. Old habits often die hard.

Everybody dies. The Christian faith is not so much for living a perfect life in this lifetime. It is mostly for the guarantee of a righteous resurrection from death at the last day, and then, for eternal life with God Almighty in joy, peace and glory forever.

Comment by Sandra Bees-marr
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Comment by Found Zero
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Hard to pin Christianity down. Some Christians believe in torture and war, others not. Some condemn and attack gays and non-believers, others don't. Some drink booze and smoke cigarrettes, some don't. Some believe in polygamy and others don't. In short, even the 10 Commendments are treated as "suggestions" or disregarded entirely.

And every single one of these will show you how the bible infallibly shows they are right and everyone else is wrong.

If Christianity is indeed guided by a "spirit" or "holy spirit" there must be a few dozen of them. Forget the Holy Trinity, we've got the Holy House Party going now and ANYTHING GOES.

So is this a religion or simply pop culture?

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