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Swine Flu 1976 & Propaganda

CBS 60 Minutes 1979 Show on how screwed America was by the 1976 FLU PANIC

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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When are you people going to learn...Americans are the most Ignorant,self serving people on earth....Home of the Brave,Land of the Free.....give me a break.

American don`t give a damn about their country..just look at who the Americans are allowing to destroy it...You don`t even know if you President is American...look a Pelosi,Reid,Watt,and all the Dems....get a life are not Brave,and certainly not Free.The only thing for sure is that your are Stupid,and have become "Funny"..ROFL.  Find a new place to the Artic Circle.Americans don`t even care about their own.they fight unconstitutional wars and call each other Hero`s..They even believe that a plane traveling at 450 MPH can hit a concrete wall and not leave one scratch..and! American believe that flight 93 Evaporated....YOUR ARE JUST GREEDY STUPID IDIOTS..prove otherwise..and say high to you leader...PELOSI...ask her how the grape picking is doing now that he district is exempt from the new wage laws...wonder why?

OH Yeah!!  they wiped their asses with the "Pink Slips" while some get rich charging to send useless buy bottled water don`t you...ha ha ROFL  get a life you greedy fools.

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