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Why Switzerland Is Still Free and America Is Not

• Ron Holland for

In Switzerland, the people still rule and have the ultimate right to decide decisions above the government or parliament. Through the right of referendum they can cancel legislation and with the initiative they can pass or create legislative action on issues parliament refuses to act upon.

The bias and closed statist views shown in the article is business as usual for the US media elites out to protect the American political establishment and are so evident in this headline and article. It isn’t the question they asked but rather the question they didn’t dare ask is the "700-lb gorilla in the room."

Quoting from the article, "Critics say the SVP, the largest party in Switzerland's coalition government, has taken advantage of the country's unique brand of direct democracy to push its populist, anti-immigrant agenda on the Swiss electorate. Citizens have the right to propose new laws in Switzerland – the only thing they need to force a nationwide vote on an initiative is a petition of 100,000 signatures."

The question not asked is why doesn’t the American electorate have oversight over legislation and unpopular government regulations in the United States like in Switzerland? Imagine if 4% of the American voters signed a petition requiring a nationwide vote "yea or nay" on the banking bailouts, going to war in Iraq, auditing the Federal Reserve, nationalized health care or on the trillions in new Washington debt added because of the financial meltdown. The United States would still be a decentralized republic with limited government had we had the political option to hold back Washington and the special interests.

How America would be different if we had Swiss-style political rights to restrain government where the people rule instead of the special interests. Imagine an America where the billions in graft and political influence that control Congress could still buy legislation but not ultimate control if we as a people could overrule their actions.


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Comment by Freed Radical
Entered on:

Red is an Obomunist troll. Ignore him. Eric New 

Comment by Mike Chavez
Entered on:

 How can you say "free healthcare"?  Are you trying to be ignorant or is you rhetoric incredibly vapid?

Comment by Lola Flores
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 One simple answer:  the Swiss are not sheep and the Amerikans are!

How else would you explain that all the money stolen by the robber barons, politicians, crooks, Mafia bosses, etc ends up in Swiss bank accounts?

Oh, yeah, and those goddam commies even have top of the line free healthcare.  Eeeeeew, image that?  How very revolting!  Money, brains and free healthcare.  Does it get any worse than that?



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