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Today on - Friday the 13th Nov 2009

Friday, November 13, 2009
Questions That Must Be Asked
About Ft. Hood. Article by Michael Gaddy.
The Flu Vaccine Horror Story
You never heard about. Article by Bill Sardi.
Why Do People Obey?
The morons and monsters of the state. Article by David Calderwood.
Bullish on Gold, Silver, Cotton, Coffee, Farmland
But not the stock market: Jim Rogers.
Buying Government Bonds
It's a mug's game, says Mike Rozeff, thanks to the crime of inflation.
Environmentalists hate the golf ball.
Kentucky Joins the Nullification Movement
With the Firearms Freedom Act.
Drug Pushers
UK docs got big bonuses for frightening patients into swine flu shots.
Desperately Seeking Shut-Eye
How to get a good night's sleep at any age.

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