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When the Border Is Everywhere: Examining the Resistance to Speed Cameras and Border Checkpoints in A

• Phoenix Class War Council
By Phoenix Insurgent The last couple of years has seen two interesting convergences in Arizona politics. First, the constantly expanding control grid, consisting of cameras and other measures for the regulation of movement, has finally burst into the popular consciousness in the greater Phoenix area, thanks primarily to the spread of highway photo radar and both fixed and mobile roadside units (including red light cameras). These particular cameras, much more visible than the thousands of smaller cameras comprising the broader surveillance grid that has been set up largely under a similar public safety argument, are contracted out to private – sometimes foreign -- companies by the state and other government institutions, and represent a recurring and concrete intrusion into the lives of drivers.

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Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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A lot of loose ends in this rambling expose' seemingly based on the theory that the word "citizen" is used by people who are racist.  

Red light cameras, highway speed cameras and border checkpoints can only be objected to, in your theory, by people who have a twisted sense of Freedom.  By referring to themselves as "citizens" they are: racist.  I'm close to some of the people in these groups and let me assure you: there are no racists.

Buck Norton

PS Your lead-in picture is of a sand storm, not a fire.



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