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Texas Law: Corporal Punishment For Elementary Kids Okay as Long as it Doesn’t Cause Death

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Comment by Lee Sisane
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I am far from being a violent individual. If you let your self get picked on in life and not stand up for yourself, then indeed you will get what comes to you because of those actions. Just about every time my 13year old girl has detention I laugh. I say this because she stands up for her freedoms and rights and the political correctness of our socialist educational system seems to stiffel  most individual freedoms. I go down to her school so often that the principle has become my best friend! I have not and will not put up with political correct crap if it is my power to do so. I will treat you with all the respect and courtesy that I would want but, if you talk in a degrading  manner to me and try to start bullying me, at that point in time, you stop being a person of rational thinking  and I will stand up for myself and my families rights and will try to what I can do by law make your life as miserable as possible.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Texas:  capital of the death penalty in the country.

Texas:  home of George Bush.

Texas:  home of rampant ignorance.

Even if this is true, why should it surprise anybody?  It just seems like violence is the land of the law in the god-forbidden asstate.

Comment by Alice Lillie
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 To Schnokelbop! Bravo!!! Huzzah! Hoorah!! Right on! Way to go! And your dad too! Good job!

The Bible says do not provoke your child to wrath. If there is *one thing* that will make a child good and angry, and defiant too, it's a spanking. It is not discipline (I am a great believer in discipline). It is abuse and *criminal.* Children have rights. And one of these rights is the right not to be hit.

They learn by example primarily, and if a parent or teacher sets the example of violence, the child will learn that might makes right and that it's OK to hurt a smaller person. That's wrong. It is imperative to teach the difference between right and wrong.

Comment by Lee Sisane
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I believe that it is and always will be up to the parents to discipline there kids. When I was younger living in nyc in the 60s and early 70s  corporal punishment was considered to be part of things.  I had a teacher who hit me with a paddle  on my rear and side, after the incident I had black and blue marks on those areas. I told right then if he hits me again, I would smack him in the head with a metal folding chair. Well, he did  and I defended myself and  wacked in the back of his head with the chair. My father sued the teacher individually were the board of ed insurance would not cover him. He told the teacher if that happens again he would snap the guys back like a twig. The bottom line is if a teacher or anyone in our socialist education system hits my kid , I will do what ever legally possible to the parties involved and make them regret they suck in air on this planet.

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