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Stalking Is A Crime

It took me awhile to figure out that government is not the answer to my problems and personal needs. This past week I received another important lesson that supports that view. I returned from a visit to the beautiful mountains of Arizona where the leaves are changing too fast. I live in the Phoenix metro area and the desert so I enjoy getting out of the heat. When I rushed in my kitchen door, happy to be home, I immediately noticed the strong scent of a man’s cologne. This startled me because I am a single woman and my twenty five year old son doesn’t live at home. Fortunately I had my hiking backpack in my hand with my gun in it. I have learned to carry this gun when I travel between the mountains and home, a drive of over 100 miles. In the event of car trouble, I don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere without a good argument. I ran in the bathroom, locked the door and called my son just to make sure the cologne scent didn’t come from a hungry young man paying m

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Good job on using your head and I'm glad it all worked out, so far.  After reading the rest of the story and the comments, I'd suggest you have your computer looked at by someone competent.  If the person accessed your computer and changes have been made, they may have also installed some type of malicious software.

Stay alert and best wishes! 

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