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Sweep away the traitors in 2010

Most of you who contributed to the Ron Paul campaign have received the emails yesterday, concerning the new launch of a website called that would pool our money and target traitorous incumbents such as Sen. Boxer of California, Sen. Schumer of New York etc. and support their opponents, who we pick. This is a excellent idea and allows us to make a huge impact on the national political landscape. We can actually get back to the Constitutional values of our founding fathers quickly, it is time for we the majority to flex our muscles. Go here to vote for the top incumbents that should be the focus of the group, then when the time comes, be generous.

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Comment by Patrick Wood
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Tony M. has an excellent point ... Clowns with ass-hats (majority of politicians) will change "sides" and jump ship faster than a rat on the Titanic.  Unless you look at the history of their voting record, they never show (you would not know) the REAL way they support, or not, the people's desires.  Look out further for recently dismissed TV hosts that gained a great deal of popularity... they flip flop with the best and can distract from people (such as Ron Paul) that seem to have a true interest in American survival...

Comment by Gene Kernan
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Having espoused a desire to throw ALL of them out since the '88 (s)elections, I take issue with the phrase "traitorous incumbents such as...".

They ALL need to go. 

Comment by Tony Migchelbrink
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Make sure to thoroughly vet the participants in these money bombs to make sure that they are truly Liberty oriented and not simply jumping on the bandwagon! There are a lot of neo-cons out there who are anxious to cash in on the moneybomb phenomenon started by Ron Paul. Don't be fooled. We need to do our homework before supporting anybody!

Comment by Steve Freedom
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I made an error, the website is actually and should have read so

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