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Army tells its soldiers to 'bribe' the Taleban

• Times Online
British forces should buy off potential Taleban recruits with "bags of gold", according to a new army field manual published yesterday. Army commanders should also talk to insurgent leaders with "blood on their hands" in order to hasten the end

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Comment by William Klepzig
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Unless you have never read a bit of history of the world, which I realize is the case for most Americans, you would have learned that threw out history, from kings to the strongest of nations, they learned, in Afghanistan or the area that we consider Afghanistan, that it is cheaper to bribe, payoff a few war lords to attack and to keep the peace.

Consider the American military, we are faced with a hundred and fifty billion for the war.  For two billion including military parts and equipment, the USA could buy two or four war lords to keep the peace.

Yep, I said it. Buy one off to fight another and let them have the war they want.



Comment by Lola Flores
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 We bribe our public officials, we bribe our "enemies," we bribe our "friends,"  is there anybody "we" don't bribe?


Oh, and I wonder if they're also saying "pretty please" along with the bribe...he he...


And, NOOOOOOOOOO!  I don't expect the sheeple of this country to see what's wrong with this picture much less to comprehend how they're being manipulated, used and brainwashed.  That would be expecting too much!