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Open Letter to all Corporate Media Journalists

To all journalists working in Sweden: The truth is out. Your employers have been revealed. Your employers’ employers have been revealed. Your employers’ employers’ employer has been revealed. The truth is out. The biggest crime against humanity in modern times is taking place right in front of our eyes - and you, all Swedish journalists, are quiet. The majority of the people in Sweden and around the world are not aware of the things that are taking place, but there are enough people who are aware for me to, once again, repeat this ultimatum: Starting today, you will start working with conveying the truth about the swine flu, the vaccine and the ongoing mass vaccinations to all people in Sweden. If you refuse to meet this demand, then I, and all others who are aware of what is going on, will - for the rest of your lives - hold you responsible. All of you Swedish journalists, it is your job to scrutinize those in power. It is your job to report to us when they abuse their power.

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