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No Big Surprise Here: Anti-Defamation League Labels Most of Us as Terrorists

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Comment by Jet Lacey
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I'm not saying anything's untrue Brock and I frankly don't want to get into some pissing match with you over "who said what about whom," although it is well-known that I enjoy trading sometimes acrimonious arguments, witticisms, and opinions with other Freedom's Phoenix readers from time to time.

Let me say this: For one, I form my own opinions, not ones regurgitated from Alex Jones.  Secondly, I have not been played like some instrument by anyone.  Thirdly, I agree with you on certain levels regarding this piece but I also disagree with you on numerous levels.  And lastly, I don't at all consider myself a terrorist, but according to multiple government and non-profit publications and the mainstream media, I have been dubbed a terrorist for my belief in what the New World Order has in store for the world.  If you must know, I embrace the term "terrorist" in this context in much the same way those who fought for our independence embraced disparaging terms like "Yankee" and the like. 

If I'm a "terrorist" to the powers that be, then I must be doing something right.     


Comment by Brock Lorber
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Heh, Jet, thank you for illustrating exactly how the master propagandist got you to make the connections and supply the characterizations.

Which of the choice bits you quoted is untrue? 

If you put the Oath Keepers quote back in context (the rest of that sentence), it is part of one of the few opinions the report authors express.  That is, the orders are not likely to be given.  I've heard Stewart Rhodes say the same thing.

I would disagree with the report that the militia-types are a "major source" of anything but lulz, but inflating their importance is hardly defamation.

The quote sandwiching Ron Paul in among three snake-oil salesmen is pure win!  It is perfectly correct: Sheen is a "truther" and Paul and Dobbs have been guests on his show.  The sentence structure is awesome, though, in that YOU created the negative "truther" connotation in your head and associated it with Paul, not the authors.

You choosing those three quotes is a tell.  Unless you put on quite a charade yourself, you hold some extreme beliefs and vocally denigrate the "mainstream".  Why, when confronted with a list of those beliefs do you automatically create negative connotations?  Why do you label yourself a "terrorist"?

I'm sorry, my friend, but the authors of this report plucked the string and you reverberated around the Alex Jones Fireball Show tent exactly as the barker intended.

Comment by Jet Lacey
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BTW, GREAT comments Senor Pure Trust and Mr. Bear!

Comment by Jet Lacey
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While I certainly appreciate your opinion, I must disagree with you.  These assholes call themselves the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE fa'chrissakes.  This article is nothing more than their Two Minutes Hate on thoughtcrime. 

Defamation - (noun) 1 : communication to third parties of false statements about a person that injure the reputation of or deter others from associating with that person.

Defamation synonyms - backbiting, backstabbing, belittlement, black eye, calumny, character assassination, cheap shot, denigration, vilification.

"It makes no statements and draws no conclusions."  Are you serious?  Mr. Peabody, I urge you and Sherman to set your Wayback machine to earlier this year and revisit the MIAC report and the 2009 Virginia Terrorism Threat Assessment that says essentially the same thing but with different verbiage. 

To many people outside our "freedomy" circles, conspiracy theorist = terrorist due to the assumptive correlations made by groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL that are endlessly parroted by the government and the mainstream media (see quote at the end).

Here are a few of the "choicest bits" for your reading displeasure...

"The “orders” the Oath Keepers refuse reveal their extreme conspiratorial mindset"

"The militia movement is a major source of anti-Obama and anti-government hostility....revolving around FEMA, martial law, and gun confiscation. Because the militia movement has had a fairly strong association with criminal activity, especially related to illegal weapons and explosives, or conspiracies to use them."

Regarding Alex Jones - "He has also collaborated with “celebrity truthers” such as actor Charlie Sheen, and far-right icon Ron Paul, a U.S. Representative from Texas, has often been a guest on his show. In March 2008, media figure Lou Dobbs was a guest on Jones’ show."

" of the most disturbing trends in 2009 has been the resurrection and proliferation of some of the same anti-government conspiracy theories that so riled up domestic extremists in the 1990s."

Regarding Alex Jones, he may irritate you (he sure does irritate me sometimes) but his information is usually right on.  Certainly, there are certain topics Alex covers that I either don't agree with or don't focus on, and he does have a penchant for sensationalization, but overall he really is the "tip of the spear" in the fight against the New World Order.



"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." Mahatma Gandhi. 

Comment by Ed Price
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If it ain't one form of terrorism, it's another. But, we love it!!! Just look at all the money those cheap horror movies bring in, because we enjoy being terrorized.

Comment by Ed Price
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This article starts out, "Since the election of Barack Obama as president... ."

The foundation of all of our relationships in life is "TRUST." Nobody really knows the future in minute detail. And nobody really knows for sure just exactly how others are going to interact with us this time. We TRUST that friends and family are going to treat us well. We TRUST that there are people in life who will not treat us well. Our TRUST changes as we grow in experience.

The folks in Government have been given their position by us based on the fact that they would uphold Constitution and Law. We TRUST them to do that. We also TRUST that nobody can really uphold the TRUST they have accepted, perfectly. We know that they will make mistakes.

Over the years we have TRUSTed that Government folk are doing their best to do according to the TRUST we have placed in them via their promise to uphold Constitution and Law. Experience is now showing us, and has indeed shown us throughout all history, that if you don't monitor the activity of those in all of Government closely, most government folk will be tempted, and then will, break their TRUST more and more.

The article starts out, "Since the election of Barack Obama as president... ." You can see the breaking of TRUST by a whole bunch of Government people and non-Government politicians who's duty was to investigated to see that Obama was not eligible in the first place. Because they didn't, we now have no President. The guy who is acting in that position is turning out to be a guy we would have never selected if we had known how much of a TRUST-breaker he was going to be. And, so, we have been betrayed at the highest levels of Government.

Where do we go from here? Do we become greater TRUST-breakers ourselves than we already are, by ignoring this great travesty of everything that is right? Do we willingly send our families into further slavery, and go right in after them? Or do we pick up the pieces of our own broken TRUSTs first, and then strengthen our own accountability by FORCING all Government to follow and DO the things they have promised... the things of the CONSTITUTIONS and the LAW!

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Jet, step back from the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Jones Circus for a bit and actually read the report.  There is no mention of "terror", "terrorism", or "terrorist" anywhere in it.

This report is another sweet propaganda piece.  As far as I can tell, every line in it is 100% factual.  The piece has very, very little characterization, opinion, or analysis and it is contradictory where it occurs.

The piece catalogs certain statements and does not attempt to prove or refute them.  It makes no arguments and draws no conclusions.  It is, however, skillfully crafted to lead the reader to make his own arguments from illusion and draw the conclusions he will.

Comment by Steve Bear
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The anti-defamation league should be sued for defamation. 

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