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DPS arrests 3 after undercover buys of grenades

• Arizona Republic

Investigators seized 23 inert grenades and arrested three men in Maryvale Tuesday night on suspicion of selling the grenades knowing they would be converted to live explosive devices.

Jesus E. Rodriquez-Avena, 19, Fernando Calderon Suazo, 34, and Alberto Prieto Molina, 24 were booked on suspicion of several felonies after a two-day investigation by the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the state Attorney General’s Office and Phoenix police.

Investigators on Monday received a tip from an informant that the men were selling dormant grenades that do not contain a fuse or explosive powder. 

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Comment by Chip Saunders
Entered on:

These guys are idiots. Who the hell except law enforcement would pay $400 each for items that anyone else can order the parts for and put together for less than $40?!?!



Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Joel you are da man!

Comment by Joel Turner
Entered on:

What a pile of non-sense, why buy something you have to rework it and hope it will work when due to the poor economy their you could just pay a soldier to get you the real deal or they could just go south to Central America and buy explosives, fully auto M16, M2 .50 cal that the CIA sent the rebels.

Comment by Forty Four O Nine
Entered on:

With every story spewing from the DPS the more the people are beginning to think they are the biggest bunch of dipshits in the country. Piece of advice...SHUT UP!

There is NOTHING illegal here. The Arizona Republic is just a piece of trash to print this garbage!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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I always enjoy a good story like this.  First because it is not against Arizona law to sell inert grenades.  Second, because it is not against federal law to sell inert grenades.  Third, because the cops, prosecutor, judge and stacked jury (if they get one) will of course find numerous laws to convict them of doing a perfectly legal activity and both sleep well at night and live long and prosper.  America---what a country.  I guess the DPS needed some publicity with proposed budget cuts and all in the legislature so they arrested people doing perfectly legal activities...because they can.

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