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What’s Happening - *Liars, Traitors, Communists, and Thieves*

We’re in BIG trouble America. Our Government (not just the Office of the President) has been usurped by those who would do us harm. Wolves in the clothing of Sheep prowl the halls of Washington seeking to maul our Nation. “Our” President travels the World maligning Our Country, BOWING to foreign leaders (two that we know of now), Praising the radical Islamic religion of those who would gleefully see us destroyed, making a mockery of the Office (remember all of the “mistakes”… DVD’s to dignataries, inside-joke “misspelled” Reset buttons, etc)… All the while leading the charge to destroy our dollar & bring our (soon-to-be former) Republic into into a Global system of currency & Government. Communism is NOT DEAD… It’s moved to D.C. I just didn’t know what to do with this edition of the Newsletter. There’s TOO MUCH subversive (Anti-American) activity in D.C. today to document… Here’s a miniscule sample… The tip of the hammer (and sickle) that is poised to crush our

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Comment by Ed Price
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Somebody once said that he didn't like the Federal Reserve Bank or the idea of a central bank at all. It's not our money!!! It's theirs. The only way we get it is by borrowing it into being, and borrowing it from them.

Well there are a whole bunch of folks that are getting away from using "their (the FED's)" money. There's barter, eCurrency, and all kinds of under-the-table so-to-speak, transfer of property going on all the time right now. The problem is happening because of "their" money. We are correcting the problem little by little, naturally, through supply and demand.

So don't complain about the Government and the money being in big trouble. Because after all the crap that they pulled on us, they ARE going to be in big trouble. It's happening right now, naturally through supply and demand, and directly through the rise of patriotism among the common people.

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