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Muslim Head Scarf Tug Nets Chicago Woman Hate Crime Arrest

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Comment by corruption pays
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 Police Chief Michael O' Connell is a useful idiot promoting thought cirme enforcement in America.  You may be equal, but some are more equal than others.Case in point:  Anthony Abate a Chicago police officer uses his training to beat a bartender severly.   For this he receives 100 hours community service.   Schmeul Schmolovich, a Pace University Student, throws a few books away- but they happen to be Korans- he receives...wait for it...1000 hours community service- that is right 10 times what a man commiting a violient crime does.  The best part is Hate Crimes are  only applied when the government wants apply to.   Rochester NY a man yells reliegious remarks and tries to kill people with his car- Hate Crime- No! FBI involved- No.     Hasan Kills people while yelling racial epitaths- Hate Crime- No!  Hate crimes are capricious and they are control devices meant to scare people into submission. Hate crimes strip citizens of their rights, and oppresses dissent and any discussion.    And the legislators know it.   Yes the corruptocrats are destrying this country- but if you speak up you will be sent for re-education- because you can have any opinion you want so long as its the government's.   And if the government's changes (and it will) you must change with it or face jail time.   That is the REAL America, because the constitution is dead.  It was legistlated away and all but a few said anything.

Comment by Brock Lorber
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What kind of crazy woman tugs on the scarf of any stranger and then runs out of the store? 

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