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Harry Reid, His Gang of Looters, Pelosi-Care & Chaos.

I am going to make a prediction. It looks like Reid and his gang of looters will get the 60th vote they need to get their bill on the debate table by late night tonight, Saturday. If they eventually get this bill passed, I predict that there will be a re-revolution in this country, soon and that it will be sparked by one of the following things; the terrorists getting acquitted, the dollar crashing or someone getting killed as a result of this healthcare, whether it be by mismanaged care or refusal of care or it be by resistance to it altogether.

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Comment by Kaptain Steve
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I love it how Collectivists always bring up Bush whenever you bash the Messiah.

Where in it in this article did the author say anything at all, good or otherwise, about Bush or his party?

Why is that you Collectivists always defend your man Vladimir ObaMao by dragging Bush into the argument?

The answer's obvious.


Comment by Lola Flores
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 Yeah, I read that caption and it makes me long for the Bush years when it was all organized, transparent, truthful, real, wholesome, Amerikan...

You people can't really be that stupid, can you?  You not only swallow the shit that they feed you but you feed it to each other.  Dumbasses, how you deserve everything you get!


Comment by Kaptain Steve
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