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Today on - November 21st 2009

Weekend Edition, November 21-22, 2009
Decide How (Not If) the Government Will Default
And then plan accordingly, says Gary North.
Grand Ole Tyrants
Tom DiLorenzo on the evil foundation of an evil cabal.
The Fed Takes a Blow
From Ron 'Mohammed Ali' Paul.
Secession From Obamerica
What states can do it successfully?
Geithner Wants a Chinese Currency Float
But that will mean the end of the US bankster regime, says Peter Schiff.
Tom Frank vs. Sarah Palin
Jeff Taylor has to side with the underdog.
Detailed Advice From a Precious Metals Pro
Charles Goyette on how to preserve what little money you have left.
Begging and Bowing
C.J. Maloney on Obama in Asia.
What's Your Body Trying To Tell You?
Learn the signs and symptoms, and how to restore health naturally.
You Knew 'Global Warming' Was a Scam
Now the lying scientists have been exposed. BTW, if you own green stocks, dump them.
Be Happy, Beat Stress
Eat dark chocolate.
A Great Victory in the Swine Flu Scandal
A huge government-pharma scam exposed.

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