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Enough is Enough!

• Walt Garlington
I am no revolutionary, but if Congress is intent on passing an unconstitutional healthcare bill despite repeated requests not to, I say we should be equally intent on not obeying it.

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Comment by Patricia Hampton
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 The Health Care Bill is un-Constitutional because the Tenth Amendment clearly states that all powers not explicitly given to the federal government by the Constitution belong to the states and/or the people.  No where in the Constitution is the federal government given the authority to force people to buy insurance to avoid massive fines and jail.  No where in the Constution is the federal government given the power to regulate doctor's wages, coach the elderly to opt for suicide to save money, or ration health care to everyone but Congress. No where in the Constitution does the federal government have the right to take the freedom to make their own choices from every American and give it to some massive, uncaring, federal bureaucracy.

Comment by Michele Power
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 Whenever you want to get things really screwed up, you put the government in charge of it.  Not only does it become too top heavy, but the entire project loses it's focus.  I've been without health care and I've been on government heath care, and I'll tell you that I would rather go without than have the government in charge of my care.  If our food, water, and air weren't so filled with toxins and people were educated on how to be healthy, there would be no need for "health insurance", just catastrophic insurance.  Our health care industry is just that, "industry" and you would be naive to think they are in business to care for or protect your "health."  All they are concerned with it making money and pushing drugs and surgery.  Bottom line:  The health care bill is not about our health, it's about who is going to profit.  FOLLOW THE MONEY!!

Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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I assume none of you have ever gone without health insurance or heath care?  Try it before you open up your ignorant mouths.  Health care is NOT unconstitutional.  Doesn't the Bill of Rights talk about life?  Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that the government, including the states, cannot give its citizens health care.  The Constitution doesn't specifically say you could have firemen and police either, so are you prepared to give that up too?

Comment by Jim Paulson
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It is important to seek the information of <a href="" target="_new">Sheriff Mack</a> who has the answer to ANY federal program coming our way.  And he has the win in the SCOTUS to back him up.  It's time to remember who we are and remind our county sheriffs who THEY are or vote them out.


NOTE to "Lucky Red":  It appears that you are not as "lucky" with your education and knowledge of the facts. What a shame. There is hope for you if you open your eyes and try to inform yourself above and beyond the mainstream indoctrination machine -- some call the media -- and the rhetoric of all but a few politicians who are mostly ill-advised or dishonest and have an unconstitutional agenda of their own.


Jim Paulson

<a href="" target="_new">TheTruthAboutMinnesota.Org</a>

Comment by Budda Roll
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 Actually, the health care bill is unconstitutional because congress does not have the power to create this legislation. it has nothing to do with the POTUS. The General Welfare clause that the proponents of the farce is clearly limited by the enumerated powers. And if there was any doubt about this, the Federalist papers support the limitations with quotes from the framers.

As for the POTUS, he is ineligible for office because he was born with a dual citizenship, his birth place is moot.

Comment by Lola Flores
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 Oh, bruther!  The healthcare bill is unconstitutional now.  Why exactly because it was born in Kenya?

Please, people, get yourselves a life...and a brain while you're at it!


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