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Man flips cop off, wins $50,000

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Comment by Jennifer Niopyn
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 This is just another case of idiotic "half the story"jounalism!  Some idiot is disrespectful and wins $50,000.00. Why don't you tell us the whole story-like what was he pulled over for? This reporter should put all the facts into a story. Also the picture at the top of the little boy-is disrespectful enough!!

Comment by Mel Mason
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It's the first amendment... HELLO!!!

Comment by Lee Sisane
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I think it is great that David got  50 grand for what officer piss bag did to him. However the large problem that i see with this stuff is, the city or police insurance pays for officer schmucks mistake. If possible The law suite should be directed towards officer rectal face and have him pay for all court costs. It is not the cities fault that this mound of walking stupidity does not understand the freedoms that we still have. Then after this guy is found guilty fire the slob. Maybe he can get a security job at Walmart and enjoy good pay and outstanding retirement potential. the walking piss sack that he is.

Comment by Richard Stone
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 I love it! I love it! I love it!

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