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Record Highs Outpace Lows in USA

• arclein
"Climate change is making itself felt in terms of day-to-day weather in the United States," says NCAR scientist Gerald Meehl, the lead author. "The ways these records are being broken show how our climate is already shifting."

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Comment by Mike Dugger
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Also, just thought you'd like to know that your comment editor sucks.

Comment by Mike Dugger
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This little quote exemplifies the dishonesty of those who promote the threat of global warming:
"The study also found that the two-to-one ratio across the country as a whole could be attributed more to a comparatively small number of record lows than to a large number of record highs. This indicates that much of the nation's warming is occurring at night, when temperatures are dipping less often to record lows. This finding is consistent with years of climate model research showing that higher overnight lows should be expected with climate change."
The paragraph above is very carefully crafted, but it still belies the dishonesty. It is a well known that urban areas exhibit a heat island effect. That is, the increasing acreage of concrete and asphalt in urban areas creates localized  "islands" of warmer air; particularly at night when the heat they have absorbed during the daytime hours is released back into the atmosphere resulting in slightly elevated night time temperatures.

It doesn't require any "climate model research" to prove this. It can be readily observed in the data over time in growing urban areas. This is one area that can honestly be classified as human-caused warming, but it is entirely local in its effect. This isn't good enough for the warming cult though; they must try and expand this into a global threat requiring untold billions of research dollars (for them, thank you very much). It is a naked fraudulent scam and those who have been perpetrating it should be dealt with accordingly.

Comment by Mel Mason
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criminals!! These are lying pieces of dog excrema...  TAR AND FEATHERS is way too kind fr criminals trying to enslave the people of the earth. We should tar and feather then shoot the bastards!!!

Comment by Richard Stone
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 One word " Climategate" nobody believes this crap anymore. Libs you can't spin your way out of this one.

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