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U.S. will be out of Afghanistan by 2017: White House

• Reuters
The United States will not be in Afghanistan eight years from now, the White House said on Wednesday, as President Barack Obama prepared to explain to Americans next week why he is expanding the war effort.

After months of deliberation and fending off Republican charges that he was dithering on Afghanistan while violence there surged, Obama will address the nation on Tuesday on the way forward in the costly and unpopular eight-year war.


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Comment by Samantha Atkins
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Eight years?  Please explain to me why we should be there eight weeks, much less eight years.  Why the hell are we there now?   It sure isn't the misbegotten, smoke and mirrors "war on [some] Terror".  The only thing I can think it is about is

1) securing routes to exploit the Caspian sea oil;

2) continuing excuse less politically volatile than Iraq to keep a continuing military presence in the area, again about resources.

It would at least be refreshing to tell the fraking truth about what this is about.

Comment by Mike Dugger
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Okay everybody. Repeat after me: "Eight more years! Eight more years!"

It ought to be at least as peachy as the last eight years, right?

Comment by Rocky Frisco
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In all sincerity I can't find a single reason why even one more dollar should be spent over there, let alone lives lost.