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2012 in Sight

• arclein
As for what might occur in 2012, Horn noted that according to NASA, the time frame of 2012-2013 could bring powerful solar storms, and we could be knocked off the grid for up to three years. He also talked about the increased experimentation with transgenic creatures that

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Comment by Ed Price
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Just to put this into perspective a little (if I can do the math right):

Assuming that there are 7 billion (7,000,000,000) people in the world (which there may be or may not be),

and if the average age is 70 years old ( which it probably is not, but let's use it for some rough calculations, because it is close),

and for calculation purposes let's briefly say that the number of people in the world (7 billion) is divided evenly by the number of years of the average age 70 = 100,000,000 one-year-olds, 100,000,000 two-year-olds, 100,000,000 three-year-olds, 100,000,000 four-year-olds, etc., all the way up to 100,000,000 seventy-year-olds (not really accurate, of course),

This means that there will be approximately 200,000,000 people who are here today that will be gone by the year 2012. They will have died of old age if nothing else. And if we are talking about December of 2012 (the Mayan calendar), then we are looking at 100,000,000 more for a total of 300,000,000 who are here today but will be gone just 3 years from now (assuming the world population doesn't take a big dive from nuclear war or something).

The point is, if you want terror, the idea of losing electricity for 3 years is nothing to the big terror that surrounds us all, all the time - DEATH. So, if you are scared of pain and death, fix it. Because if you don't, it's coming to all of us anyway.

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