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'Secret of Oz' Sales SKYROCKET after ban from Amazon

You may not sell on our sight says Amazon for 'performance' issues. But no 'performance' issues were reported. Turns out the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the Vice President Banker's Trust involved in the risky derivatives market.

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Comment by Brock Lorber
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Paytriotism at its finest.

It's censorship, I tells ya!  I was censored for reasons totally out of my control and I don't know what those reasons are but you should complain about censorship to these people and DIDYOUKNOW the founder is a bad, mean person who censored me because I talked about something he didn't want out but I tried to sell on his website and give him the commissions anyways!  It's lizards all the way down!

Comment by Found Zero
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Reposting to DP and RPF. Great to see another Still supporter. I've been kind of waiting for this moment when he'd start swinging.

If you know Bill, you'd understand that he's just as kind and gentle in person as he is in film. It's not like him to be aggressive atall. But we're pretty good at that.

 Hey Ernie get him on the broadcast! I got his number.

Comment by Richard Stone
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 Follow the money it will lead to the Fed. Fear the people.

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