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4 police officers shot dead at Wash. coffeehouse

• AP
A gunman burst into a coffeehouse Sunday and opened fire on four police officers as they sat working on their laptops, killing the three men and one woman in what an official described as a targeted ambush.

Pierce County Sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer said officers were looking for one male suspect who fled the scene and haven't ruled out an accomplice, possibly a getaway driver.

It wasn't clear whether the officers even had time to draw their weapons to return fire, Troyer said.

"This was more of an execution. Walk in with the specific mindset to shoot police officers," Troyer said.

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Comment by Steve Freedom
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My first thought was a citizen who may have not liked the bullying tacticts now imployed by lawenforcment, and had a recent negative interaction with police where he was demoralized, mistreated and intimidated and the citizen acted out in retaliation. Not condoning the actions of a cold blooded murderer, just speculating on the cause. I see on a daily basis what police do to citizens and I am appauld. They no longer have the mentality that they are to protect and serve, now sadly it has developed to a sense of "them versus us" and anyone not wearing a badge is less than and should be considered a combatant. It is no exageration to say that law enforcement has declared war on society.

Comment by Jet Lacey
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It's probably just another case of "Unintended Consequences."  

Comment by Powell Gammill
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The media and the police certainly want you to think this was an assassination targeting four cops randomly picked for convenience by the killer.  And it may well be. 


But my first thought was a disgruntled cop or former cop with a beef with one of the cops who blamed all cops for his misfortune.  Just me I guess.