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Senators: Make example of White House party crashers

• AP
Two senators say authorities ought to pursue criminal charges against the Virginia couple who crashed last week's state dinner at the White House.

Democrat Evan Bayh of Indiana and Republican Jon Kyl of Arizona say such behavior should be strongly discouraged.

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Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Here's a new concept. How about filing criminal charges and prosecute the all the traitors in Washington and the criminals that robbed the American people for TRILLIONS in the past year and all the generations preceding? Party crashers? Get a rope. God forbid that anyone mess with the White House parties and dinners. This would definately be a security breach.

The B.S. continues.

Comment by Ron Boyte
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 Why should the Salahis be prosecuted; they are only guilty of crashing a party? Maybe the Secret Service Officers, in charge of Security should be prosecuted, and/or fired. And, just maybe those two Senators, wishing to waste more TaxPayer's money should be fired as well! People crash parties all the time; get over it.

RB  from Colorado

Comment by Freed Radical
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ERIC NEW SAYS: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! No surprise Sieg Kyl is calling for their heads. Lying to a federal agent has become a necessary skill in life, not a crime in a "free country." Why don't you make it illegal for federal agents (including senators and congressmen) to lie to the people, Sieg Kyl? Oh, that's right-Because you would all be in prison! (With the glaringly obvious exception of Ron Paul.) Bottom line--This was funny as hell; these people were no threat to Osama, and it embarrassed a few JBTs. No harm, no foul I say!!

Comment by Brock Lorber
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[Chris] WALLACE: Finally, I want to ask you both, and I’m sure you talked about it over your Thanksgiving dinner, both of you -- I know we did at our house -- about the couple who apparently crashed the White House state dinner. Senator Bayh, let me start with you. How seriously do you take it? Should Congress investigate? What should happen to this couple?

BAYH: Well, Chris, it’s an incredible situation. I mean, of course, people have been laughing about it because it is so incredulous, but it’s not a laughing matter that people could get that close to the president and the vice president who aren’t supposed to be there.

So the Secret Service has come out and appropriately said they’re embarrassed. They’re going to get to the bottom of it. You know, these folks could be like the -- what is the name, Richard Reed, who changed the way everybody travels through the airports because of this one guy. This couple may change the way people go to the White House.

WALLACE: The alleged shoe bomber.

BAYH: Yeah. And I’m supposed to go see the president on Wednesday. I’m kind of wondering what I’m going to be facing to get into the White House this time. It’s probably going to be a lot stricter than it has been.

WALLACE: Do you think that authorities should throw the book at this couple to at least send a message?

BAYH: You’ve got to send a very -- yeah. Yes. I mean, you’ve got to -- you’ve got to send a strong deterrent that people just don’t do this kind of thing.

WALLACE: And, Senator Kyl, in about 30 seconds, your thoughts about a congressional investigation and about criminal charges for this couple.

KYL: I agree with what Evan said. I think you have to have a strong deterrent against this kind of thing. And therefore, if it’s a federal crime to lie to a federal agent, and these people didn’t tell the truth about their invitation, then they should be in some way brought to justice here, again, as an example to others not to do it.

But clearly, the Secret Service as well as the White House protocol office have got to beef up their tactics, their procedures and protocols for dealing with this kind of a situation. I don’t know about congressional hearings.

I suspect the Secret Service is embarrassed enough to fix the problem. And of course, the White House protocol office has to get involved in that as well.

WALLACE: Senator Kyl, Senator Bayh, we want to thank you both so much for coming in and sharing part of your holiday weekend with us. 

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Because little people aren't invited to parties they pay for, nor are they allowed to make public fools of the King's men!

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