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The Exclusive Kingdom of God

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Idolatry of the State

"You shall have no other gods beside Me" – Exodus 20

I was not alone. It is true to say that the prevailing doctrine today – amongst Christians both left and right – is that government is ordained of God and destined to be alongside the church as the arm and voice of God in the earth. Therefore, it follows that the State has special privilege and moral exemption. That it has a divine right to formulate laws of the land, and to punish those who do not comply. Any misgivings about the "divine right of kings" have been superseded by a supposed moral legitimacy bestowed by an electoral majority (Hitler being a brief glitch).

But this is a way of believing that government is another god – a false deity.

What are the characteristics of a false god?

Here are some:

A "power" that orders and directs the lives of its believers.

A power believed to protect, rescue and save.

A power believed to offer hope.

A power believed to be great, glorious and overwhelming – whether good, evil or ambiguous.

A power believed to demand service above all else, even the lives of its followers.

A power believed to be fearful, violent and destructive when disobeyed.

A power with a strong visible presence – symbols, buildings, and temples of indoctrination.

A power maintained by a hierarchical, self-serving priesthood, obscuring the truth with blind faith.

Such is exactly the case with the modern State and its flag worship, grand public buildings, monopolised education system, violent enforcers, and cloud of paid officials, experts and politicians.


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Comment by Cs Steward
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This is the finest article I've ever read on Freedom's Phoenix! If those of you who claim to want freedom only understood what the Bible really teaches - you would have more ammunition for your battle than you could ever imagine.

The Bible does NOT teach that "men's governments" are ordained of God. The Bible does NOT teach that people are to submit to evil - in any form - and under any guise. Romans 13 - when read in context - clearly shows that it is a message to the follower of Christ that they are to obey the chain of authority that God established for THEIR communities (ecclesias, called out Christian communities, perverted by the English into a word called "church") not for "governments" that oppose truth, morality and justice.

Liars teach that Romans 13 is God's ordination of men's attempts at "government" and deceived ones believe it and pass it on to their children generation after generation.

Everything that "patriots" claim to hate - i.e., labor taxes, withholding taxes, injustice, lasciviousness (using LICENSE), social security, and so forth - is ALL denounced in the Bible. In fact, it is so ridiculously clear it is amazing that even the slickest "preacher" is able to destroy the clear teachings. Did you know.....withholding taxes make God so angry that He wants to declare war? Did you know the Bible teaches that if a people participate in taxing labor, God will not hear their prayers?

Jesus was executed by the state for His POLITICS! He taught His disciples that He was ABOVE MAN'S LAW and that THEY WERE TOO - because man's "law" was no law at all since it was constantly in conflict with the laws of God and nature.

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