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It's The Democrat's War Now!

• Washington Post
President Obama announced Tuesday that he will send 30,000 additional U.S. troops to Afghanistan by next summer and begin withdrawing forces in July 2011, making his case to the nation that Islamist extremism in the region remains an enduring threat to the security of Americans. 

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Comment by Found Zero
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Here here Powell! Poster Winslow below issues the current Neocon line. He just left out the "they hate us because we are free". They are deaf to concept of "blowback".

Hey Winslow, what do you think would be different about the world if the Mideast didn't have oil? They have been Muslims since before we knew what oil was good for. They were having a blast with their Sharia law and NOBODY GAVE A LICK DAMN. And they basically didn't know we existed. It was like that for centruries and it could have continued like that for centuries more. Instead of continually trying to demonize Muslims how about you TRY LEAVING THEM THE HELL ALONE?

And Winslow, to pin the 9/11 "Truth movement" on the left wing is just plain ignorant. I mean you have GOT to be kidding us. Total FAIL.

And Powell had you pinned from the get-go: your nation's history is steeped in innocent blood. Right up to your white, protestant, anglo saxon noses.

Now would you like to quote scripture or shall we all rise and sing "Go Tell It On The Mountain"?

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Leftists such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Quincy Adams, amongst others ... 'go not abroad in search of monsters, nor get involved in entangling alliances.'  Yup, those kind of leftists.

By the way the leftists who now support Obama's war -- and there are sooooooooo many of you hypocrites who know who you are -- support it under the pretext that women would suffer (quite true) under a return of the Taliban.

TL Winslow is being disingenuous when he neglects the obvious opposition to Sharia, Islam and other behavior that enslaves half the population the it rules.  And murders nonbelievers.  Regrettably this nation (USA) wasn't much better throughout its history up until the 60's when long standing questions were finally answered in freedom.

Comment by TL Winslow
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It's just like the West to chew itself up against a common enemy. Sorry, Afghanistan isn't just Obama's war, it's everybody's war, because it's the war against horrible Sharia-spreading Islam that has been going on for 1400 years and had become dormant but is now back. Too bad, many leftists and "progressives" actually believe that the U.S. was behind 9/11 and murdered its own citizens in order to have an excuse to invade Iraq and get their oil, but now that al-Qaida is in Pakistan it's not about oil it's about nukes, because if they get their hands on some the U.S. govt. won't be able to prevent a nuclear 9/11 that will kill hundreds of thousands or millions and mortally wound it.

It's sad that leftists currently have a bizarre love affair with Islam, portraying it as a white knight evidently out of hatred for Christendom, while at the same time secretly fearing it, causing them to resort to the mind game of separating Muslims into good and bad ones. Sorry, but with Islam the bad ones are the true ones since they're obeying the Quran's commands to spread the territory ruled by horrible Sharia by force and kill or enslave all who resist, with Allah promising them paradise while hating all unbelievers and preparing torments in hell for them, but never doing the killing himself, rather, ordering his believers to do it for him from a cave in Arabia. It's the religion whose god hates, but even worse, it's a total world domination system based on a theocratic govt., complete with hog calling towers to direct their victims' slave-like prostations all their waking days. In short, a horrible fate for the West if it doesn't close ranks against it.

One dose of the real history of Islam's rise, spread and core beliefs will cure any Westerner, left, right or middle of the bird of any fantasy that Islam's not the enemy of the world. Take some time out and study the key facts online free with the Historyscoper, with plenty of links to go deeper. Click

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Don't you have some stencils ready for use Powell?

(Powell made two stencils at the start of the r3VOLution at the same time that the new Democratic congress that was elected in 2006 continued funding of the wars in early 2007. "It's the Democrats War Now" & my favorite, "Pin the War on the Donkey")

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