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The Daily Show on the White House Crashers

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[Note the Colbert Report video down below that.]  I have to say, I have mixed feelings about the White House party crashers. On the one hand, they're symptomatic of an out-of-control fame-whore culture, a society that demands entitlement while pridefully creating nothing. They're shameless over-privileged douchebags who should at least be shunned if not jailed, yet the media is giving them the exact notoriety for which they brazenly and unscrupulously hunger. On the other hand, if it means Jim Gaffigan shows up on The Daily Show, maybe it's all worth it.

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Comment by Brock Lorber
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Why isn't  Joe Biden safely encased in Dick Cheney's secret lair?

Comment by Found Zero
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Indeed it does seem emblematic of a privileged class for whom the rules are something to flaut. Rules are for us, not for them. Anyone who doesn't appreciate the security ramifications of infiltrating the White House is clearly not from the same intellectual universe the rest of us live in.

As usual, if it were you or I, we'd be in jail. These two on the other hand come out with a marketable property and notoriety at every party from now until their lavish debutant deaths. They laughed about it then, they are laughing about it now. And they made no statement, they had no cause but to aggrandize themselves. It was both irresponsible and patently self-serving.

Now what about that makes them different than any other guest?

I think I might get where you are coming from Powell. It should be funny. It would be funny if prisoners weren't being tortured in Gitmo and around the world, it would be funny if we didn't have political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in jail now for lesser offenses, it would be funny if we didn't have "free speech zones" and a climate of internal fear and mistrust. It would be but it's not.

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