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New Mexico Citizens Considered Foreigners After Dec. 31, Passports to Board U.S. Commercial Flights

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Comment by Ed Price
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It reminds me that if a company, or airline, or anybody, takes government subsidies - free money - that they owe the government. they are virtually owned by the government. At least, that's what the government would have you think.

It reminds me of the IRS vs. the 5th Amendment. The last line of the 5th Amendment says, "... nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."

When you pay the IRS, you do it personally. You "talk" to the IRS personally through your tax form. Your name goes on the line, as does your signature. Here's the clincher. What have you, personally, received in return for your money, from the IRS or Government, with your name on the line, that proves that you received it in return for you IRS payment, like the 5th Amendment requires?

If you required Government to prove what they had given you in return for your IRS payment - property or value given to you with your name on the deed, or your signature on the back of the check - could they do it? They couldn't for me. They never gave me anything that they have receipts for, so they couldn't prove it.

Comment by David McElroy
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 I am glad New Mexico is resisting and found to be in non-compliance with the federal tyranny's Real ID demands. I'm afraid Santa Fe's objections are probably rooted in the angst over "unfunded mandates" rather than fretting over further intrusions upon our liberties and personal privacy.

 I know one former (honorable) Albuquerque cop who is ticked off because he was informed he needs a passport to take a commercial flight.

 We need to broadcast our displeasure with the state of affairs where our federal slavemasters regard us as "foreign" suspects to be treated like enemies merely because we uphold state and personal rights under the US Constitution. It is high time we reinforce the De3claration of Independence...and keep our powder dry!

 David in New Mexico 

Comment by Joe Bourgeois
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i would love to see the backlash that will occur the minute a NM citizen is denied access to a commercial flight or any other situation where DHS cites REAL ID non-compliance.
this may be the thing to unite all NM citizens.

im thinking
1- shutting down all DHS operations in NM
2- seizing federal assets by citizens
3- mass demonstrations

the list can go on, which is why DHS will cave.....especially if we are not only state in non-compliance.

joe in NM

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