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By the People...or By the State?

• An American with Common Sense
Will the People stand and make their Declarations? Or will they kneel and kowtow to the State that they are "ALLEGEDLY" in control of? This is the paramount question. Read this issue of Freedoms Phoenix. Go read other online publications like World Net Daily, Daily Paul, even What is the similarity of these publications? Politics! Persuading people to ask for permission from an unelected elite that has no power outside of what the people give them or just to relinquish it to these frauds. The people don't need permission because we hold all political power if we choose. That was the basis of the American structure. I hope you will choose intelligently with full knowledge of what you are doing. Assemblies by the people are forming nationwide and we are looking for those who understand and are willing to step up to their responsibility. The people in assembly do not ask for permission. We are the people period. Do your due diligence please. "Oppress no

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Comment by Ed Price
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Let's see. Yeah, the people are going to fight for peace, peacefully, right? One big peaceful fight!

Comment by Anonymous
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The people WILL stand up and make their Declarations  - BUT -  the people haven't the sand to enforce that declaration.   Talk is cheap but the labor hard, and the risk of failure too great for the stomachs of most.

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