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Congress: Passengers Can Bring Guns on Amtrak Trains

• ABC News
On Tuesday night Congressional negotiators reached an agreement that the final version of a transportation bill would include an amendment that restores the right of Amtrak travelers to pack their firearms in checked baggage. 

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Comment by Anonymous
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 OHHH the whining and crying and knashing of teeth by those who fear the 'evil gun' and 'know' the slaughter men will surely do if allowed its access, those pathetic souls who live in fear and see guaranteed salvation only in prohibiting the 'evil' from the hands of all others.....until it is THEY who face death at the hands of a lunatic or gutter-scum...and then how quickly their cries turn to...'PLEASE!  SAVE ME!!!!' they crawl to the feet of one who will protect them...WITH A GUN.

From evil men on a train, bus, or plane, neither the police or Government will not protect you or your family....only YOU can effectively do that. 

Comment by Found Zero
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Now the trains are going to be a kill-zone, a blood-bath, forget the wild wild West we're talking Mad Max and the Thunderdome here, there's gonna be dead bodies piled up at every station, piles of dead bodies they'll have to carry out with wheelbarrows and handle with pitchforks and they'll have to hose down the walls and floors and cielings at every stop and it's going to stink to high heaven and NOBODY IS COMING OUT ALIVE. Prety soon it will only be a conveyance for live stock and what will come out will be butchered and wrapped neatly for supermarket consumption and all you will have is a very expensive, mobile slaughterhouse.

I weep for my nation.


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