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Editor and Publisher Shutting Down

• Mondo Frazier

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Comment by Found Zero
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Editors and publishers suck. The only ones I like are FP editors because they just serve as a filter for my more psycho shit. When I cross the line they just don't put it up on the front page. They still publish it, and nary a word of "editing" occurs.

I tried writing for "publications" for a while. Some of them told me they really dug my outlandish style and they wanted "edgy" and "billious" (as I recall) but everything I did they made me re-write to the point where I couldn't recognize it as my own work anymore and frankly the whole thing was a moving target.

Working under an editor is like having to develop ESP over night because they won't tell you what the hell they are thinking. You have to guess. What? Do you want more edge? Less edge? More sex? Car chases? Feminine sensitivity? How about you just write the damn thing?

Hey twads, edgy means it only appeals to a certain market segment. You want broad appeal? Look towards the Oprah/Martha Stewart end of the spectrum because I sure as hell don't got no candy for you. Here's what I got for you:

Go the way of the dunot hole.


Can I get an "oh dip!" here?

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