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Tax sugary drinks to fight the flab, says expert

• Reuters
A nutrition expert who has advised the U.S. government and health policy makers around the world, Popkin says the epidemic of obesity and weight gain sweeping the globe could be slowed dramatically if people revised the mantra "you are what you eat" to include "you are what you drink."

Reviving a taste for water could cut between 300 and 600 calories a day from the diet of an average American or Mexican and almost as much from the intake of many Europeans, he says.

"Depending on the country you live in, we now have between 10 and 25 percent of all calories consumed in sugary or caloric beverages," Popkin, a professor of nutrition at the University of North Carolina, told Reuters during a visit to Europe.

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Comment by Found Zero
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Yeah come to think of it, I reserve some of my harshest judgement for The Great Generation. You fought a war overseas then came back to get fat and lazy and let your world to be dictated to you and never a freaking care for the Constitution.

Sorry elders but you let it go. You were watching the electric baby sitter and guess who the baby turned out to be?

You know I've heard from corporate elders how the truth of the Fed circulated and you all went cold with fear. We know you know. And yet you did nothing. You traded it in for the nice house with the swimming pool and soon enough a two car garage just wasn't enough for you.

And you knew you were participating in a sham. And now your grand kids are gonna pay. Your family is gonna pay. For nothing less than sloth and indolence. Sheer irresponsibility. And the plain fact is that you never gave a real shit about anybody but yourself in your Gods-damned life. You sucked the milk tit and it was good. Hmmmmm gooooood.

So who's looking at you with sympathy now for your crashed IRA? Your catered property? Not me boys. My sympathy and efforts are directed to supporting those whom you neglected and that would be your children and grand children. Unless you are active. Unless you are one of us. And it spills over to my generation too. Because every generation after you has to either take responsibilty for this mess or deny it. You started it, we have to finish it. And future generations will be no less forgiving of me than I am of you.

Comment by Found Zero
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This I submit as an end game proposal for the freedom movement. If all our efforts fail, we should then use the power of democratic socialism to enslave all normative behavior.

The fat can no longer sit in movie theaters, restaruants and airplanes.

Also those who are visually un-appealing. That's right, we're gonna ban ugly people from public spaces.

That will take care of most senators and congressmen. And all of the infants because nobody but you thinks your baby is cute.

Yeah we're gonna ban infants as well, from all public viewing. We're gonna declare all kids have to wear bicycle helmets and then we're gonna take away their bicycles and leave them with just the helmets.

And we're gonna have lunch police taking your home made brownies out of brown bags to make sure you get who's in charge here. And if you complain about it we're going to outlaw you, your mother and your dog. We're gonna ban skateboarding on Sundays and ice cream in public parks for the sheer thrill of it, we will turn all the streets going to your churches to one-way which always point AWAY from you and we're going to turn every inch of parking lot into disabled parking so you are all forced to cop to disability.

We're gonna make a rule that we all get personal ambulatory devices so not one foot ever touches the ground again and we'll be serving McDonalds in every home so all you gotta do is stay out of sight, stay quiet and get to be the fat and lazy person you truly are in your innermost psyche.

Relax. We got it covered.

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